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Welcome to Caelitus, where you can begin the adventure of a lifetime. Come join us on our many islands, each one more diverse than the next. Explore the vast depths of our caverns or take a ride on a rollercoaster. Caelitus has many secrets for you to uncover, some of them quite legendary. Or maybe you hunger to rise above your peers? Don't worry our 18 Masters await you to seek and defeat them to prove your worth. Or maybe you would relax and gamble a bit or take a risk? If Caelitus sounds like a place for you then please fly on in and take a piece of the islands for yourself. Apartments are listed and the Housing Authority has learned Spacial Magic to open up a whole new world ready for you to build the home of your dreams. So do you hunger for an Adventure? We await you on the islands...

To play on this server you will need to download some mods.
If you are running on the Technic Launcher, then you can find our mod pack here:

If you are running on the Vanilla or any other launcher please find the mods required here:
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