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♛ Abyssal Relic Network ♛
Tired of the same type of game modes over and over again? Give this server a try! Outstanding gameplay with multiple custom features and our self-coded system plugins that will give you a whole new experience in Minecraft!

❁Unique Features❁
✞Having multiple effects on every season change. [Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring]

✞Lava-Tsunami in nether will give you a whole new experience and hardcore when entering the nether

✞Meteor-Lootchest, Bosses, Custom skills, Upgrades, Miniature Pets, MCMMO, Quests, Pvp, Conquering and much more!

❁ Active Servers ❁
☾Prison☽ - Be the most wealthy player in prison!
☾Kingdom☽ - War! Battle! Conquer other players! Faction!
☾Skyblock☽ - Spend time and expand your small island!
☾Minigames☽ - Multiple types of games!

☾Server Info☽
Version: 1.10-1.13.2

Discord: https://discord.gg/zFYn8ux
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/abyssalrelic/?ref=group_browse_new
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