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RiseMC Reborn New Server (i7 32gb) Just Reset Requires Optifine and Server Textures turned on
Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
We’re looking for fun, dedicated minecraft players. Our server is owned and operated by adults, but all ages are welcome. As a general rule of thumb, all players should behave in a way that does not negatively represent our community or ruin the game experience for other players. Please keep in mind that we believe PVP does not ruin the experience, PVP is part of RiseMC. That said, actively targeting weak/new players or deliberately provoking people with trash talk or other toxic actions are not respectful behaviours and are not tolerated.

This allows us create custom plugins (such as the Hunt plugin and Player God Affinities) to truly make our server a unique experience.

Version 1.12.2

Game Altering Features:
  • Generally the philosophy is vanilla+ experience in a balanced economy that will hopefully keep you playing for the weeks and months to come. Some interesting changes brought by our special sauce of plugins include:
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Worship Deities for powerful bonuses! (Custom Plugin)
  • Hunting other players (Custom Plugin)
  • Earnable Flying Boots (Only works inside your town and break easily if attacked)
  • Earnable Custom Ranks and rankup system that isnt paywalled in any way.
  • Spawn shops
  • Player shops
For the sake of keeping this post from being extra long, you can find our rules by either navigating to the ‘Welcome to RiseMC!’ section of our website’s forums, or you can simply run the command /rules in-game!

No applications needed, just join in!

To rank up in-game, however, you must register at our website. Mention in your application you found us through reddit for a bonus $1000 in-game!

Discord: https://discord.gg/jH2ADHx
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