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[Server Info]
We are a small community server, we like to focus on that aspect as much as possible. We have a custom map with custom builds, as well as pathways and gyms along the way. You have to find the way to certain areas via hidden transportation methods across the towns putting an emphasis on exploration (as well as hidden shops, items and more)! We also host events and tournaments when the community is most active, so you can still build your competitive parties.

[Core features]
Rewarding exploration.
Build however and wherever you like (with protection) (apart from custom built areas such as towns).
Gyms (AI & Players).
Custom trainers along the way.
Crates - Our crates are not OP and everyone has access to them.
NoPay2Win - Donators still get rewards for donating, but everything is accessible through playtime.
Vote rewards
Rideable pixelmon.

[Friendly staff]

The staff team are there to help players have a good experience while playing on the server, we enjoy a non-toxic environment.


We hold Tournaments, Boss Hunts, Fishing Contests, Loot Hunts and a lot more!
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