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===[- MYTHIC FACTIONS -]=== ⚔ Custom Factions, RPG Lootobs, Custom Terrain ⚔

1.12 - The one of a kind, medieval Fantasy RPG server - without the fluf.Welcome to the "Pure Factions" staff recruitment thread. We've just pushed our server into the open beta development phase. In partner with "Project Atlis" and the "Atlis Network,"
The one of a kind Faction RPG style Minecraft server.

In a community saturated with competing hub servers with diamond starter kits, illegal donor perks, and insanely game changing plugins. "PF" offers a relief from the madness, as we offer hundreds of players a return to basics in a fresh, exciting new way.

We offer MCmmo, Roleplay, Jobs, DynMap, Quests, Gambling, Events, A Community run Economy, Hard PVP Survival, and Progressive Lore, and more, all wrapped up in a balanced and expansive faction server.

We boast a lack of donor advantages, no split player base, no starter kits, no map resets, no custom enchants, no custom recipes, no blacklisted items, and no inventory protection. (For a one of a kind, true Minecraft experience.)

Welcome to Pure Factions, The pure Minecraft factions experience, without all the the fluf.

We pride ourselves on simplicity, and not attempting to over complicate, and already amazing game.We offer no game advantages to donors, no starter kits, No completely game altering plugins, no split hub community, and no player restrictions.
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