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We're a very unique Prison server with a bunch of different features to make the Prison experience fun for all.

We have a great and friendly staff team willing to help our players get into the Prison experience.

We also have a great community on our Discord server that could cheer everyone up. '/Discord'
We also do giveaways (Only members on our Discord can enter) every so often for ranks and crate keys.

We have features like no other servers, e.g:
Mine Bombs (Throw them in mines and all blocks broken get put into your inventory)
Lucky Fishing (Find items with rarity's when fishing)
Crates (Crates can be OP by giving you money and awesome prizes)
Voting (Vote every 24 hours on websites to gain money and crate keys)
Houses (You can also buy a plot witch automatically builds a house for you witch can be upgraded into a even BIGGER house)
Daily Rewards (Every 24 Hours, you can claim a free prize from us)
PVP (We have a OP PVP system with a special PVP kit that EVERYONE has access to)
Custom Enchants (Enchants that are custom and unique)
Lottery (Test your luck to see if you can win our jackpot)
Bosses (Fight bosses and claim rare treasures)
Auction House (An easy way to sell your items without scamming or getting scammed)
Lucky mining (Find items with rarity's when mining)
Donator Mines (MVP rank & MVP+ have special mines)
Quests (Feeling bored...? Well try out quests and get cool rewards)
Auto farming (Ever wanted huge automatic farms in your plot to make money? They're here with special features like upgrading, automatic replanting and harvesting & you hook then up with hoppers!)
Custom repairing (Repair your tools easily with either, money, xp or the material the tool was made from!)

Join now, we have plenty to share!
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