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This is a Minecraft server based on old foundations. It is a classic survival Minecraft server. This server is an anti-grief server allowing you to build to your heart's content via the use of a popular plugin called "Grief Prevention". The world consists of strange world formations as shown in the screenshots. This was caused by the age of the world used. The shall make for an interesting map to survive on. The server features some nice plugins that enhance the experience all tether. You can not alone set your home, you can create up to 15 warps that belong to you! There's also a random teleportation plugin to get you out in the wild quickly! There's also server plugins that have been installed thanks to the feedback from the players themselves. If more than 50% of the players are sleeping, daylight arrives. Mobs have a health bar that show the remaining health left until done for. As you level up, you will gain two hearts in additiional health for every 5 levels! While mining trees, you're now able to compleley mine trees as the wood blocks will fall. Wood blocks that don't belong to trees should not fall. I love feedback on how to enhance the experience here on ClassicCraft. Please keep it coming!

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