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This is Vanilla Life! We are a long time running minecraft server, and we have a community of players who simply love to play vanilla. Just outside of spawn there are many creative builds and projects, protected personally by the players with grief prevention, which allows people to make their own claimed areas. Our server rewards people for time played, and for voting with unique items and commands. We aim to be community orientated and have an atmosphere that is welcome to anyone, with a team of staff that make sure you can play with ease. The world is unlimited, no border, no restriction!

Vanilla Life is a semi-vanilla minecraft experience, that does not tell you how to play it just lets you play. The main plugins on the server are protection and administrative plugins.
Builders and Community creators are very welcome, as our player base loves to make towns and build projects together.
We have shops and trading systems to make trading safe and easy, and PvP is allowed but there are strict rules against randomly killing players who don't want to die, we have a PvP arena where you can slaughter anyone you like! :)
Do not be suprised when you cannot /tpa. We encourage the use of in-game transport like railways and horses, because tpa takes away from the vanilla experience and causes a large seperation in players.
Use a bed to set your home and try not to die!
Make use of the available warps to get started in one of the biomes or use the random wild teleport.
The owners, Tobster57 and NineJives, and the rest of the Vanilla Life community hope to see you soon and would love to see even more players joining our world!
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