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Hey Gamers,

Out of curiosity, how many Faction servers have you played on? Aside from the differently named kits, you may have noticed they are almost identical to each other.

Here at Chokestars Gaming, we developed a Faction server with some unique features.

Using these fully customized guns, you can raid your enemies from a distance, or pull them close with an exclusive weapon called Lasso and Widow. You can also duel in 1v1 ranked matches, participate in Faction wars around spawn, or enter the shootout arena for free-for-all brawls.

We feel the way to make money on other servers can be boring and repetitive so we created dungeons.

Creating netherwart farms or mining gold can be fun at first, but over time you tend to lose interest. With our custom-made mobs, you can efficiently make money while continuously having fun.
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