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Reborn Kingdoms is a 1.13.2 old-school, medieval-themed factions server with a strong emphasis on not being pay-to win or OP like most modern faction servers. We're a community of both veteran and new players, and we appreciate a good factions experience. We've built this server on years of experience of hosting popular unique, custom servers and we think you'll enjoy the simple but refreshing take on a factions experience. But enough introduction.

TNT holes regenerate after 15 minutes, and chests can be looted inside faction territory - this way, players can afford to build good-looking structure without fear of griefing, but still take part in good old-fashioned raids. We've also disabled use of chorus fruit and the elytra in the overworld (it's still usable in the end), and enderchests are limited to 9 slots. There are 3 build rules in place to make factions more realistic and enjoyable.

On top of this, we've got two special plugins - werewolves and vampires. Each comes with unique benefits and weaknesses, but it's up to you to decide which side you want to join - if either. There's also the option to become a hunter of vampires or werewolves, too.We've also got a market at spawn where you can sell and buy a wide assortment of items to cut out some of the grind.

We're a quickly-growing community and we're always looking for more active members - come chat with us on our discord server:

[1] No hacks, unfair mods or exploits
[2] No excessive caps/spam
[3] Don't claim over an end portal
[4] No AFK-kick bypassing
[5] No alt accounts

Build Rules:
[1] Bases must be built above ground
[2] Keep builds semi-realistic
[3] No liquid-covered bases
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