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-===== Reborn Kingdoms=====- Welcome, traveller. You look weary.
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Reborn Kingdoms is a survival server that aims to bring you the vanilla experience you always wanted - a laid-back community of your fellow Minecrafters, a pure item/trading-based, player-run economy without a hundred plugins that distort the vanilla experience beyond recognition. Here's what we can offer you:

• A dedicated, long-term server with a strict lack of resets - we will only reset if there is ABSOLUTELY no alternative
• An active staff team with years of experience in server maintenance and player management
• Free speech chat - swearing and reasonable political/religious discussion is fine, but toxicity is muted
• A fully customised grief protection plugin (Lands) with a chunk-based, gold-bought claiming system
• Faster version updates than any other survival server out there
• A smooth experience with no lag and minimal learning curve
• PvP combat is permitted only outside of player claims, in the wilderness
• Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly events, competitions and rewards

We're a quickly-growing community and we're always looking for more active members - come chat with us on our discord server:

[1] No spamming or excessive use of caps
[2] Killing players is ONLY permitted in the wilderness
[3] No hacked clients or cheating
[4] Do not impersonate staff/other players
[5] Do not share personal information regarding yourself or others
[6] No inappropriate builds, skins or nicknames - nicknames should resemble your IGN
[7] Do not advertise other servers
[8] Do not exploit glitches (there are exceptions - ask staff if you're unsure)
[9] Do not grief the landscape unnecessarily
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