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       Beanscraft is a 1.13.2 Minecraft survival server with PvP, GriefPrevention, /tpa, and of course - the complete Minecraft experience with nothing taken away! The server is optimized well for performance, and thus far nobody has reported any server-side lag. There are some non-vanilla configurations for convenience, for example: all block damage caused by mobs (creepers, endermen, etc.) is disabled; and logs can be toggled to fall like sand/gravel.

       I've played Minecraft since Beta 1.7.3, and have helped staff plenty of servers. I decided a while back to put together a server of my own now that I'm older and more than capable of doing so effectively. The goal with things like this is always constant expansion, so while Beanscraft may likely turn into a network in the future, my plans for now are simply to have a well made vanilla server to act as the foundation for the hypothetical network, long term. What better way to start building a community of block gamers than by doing it with the quintessential type of Minecraft server - Vanilla Survival?

       The plugins currently on the server tend to support its vanillaness. GriefPrevention keeps the world looking nice while allowing players to build anywhere they want without worry of being griefed, so long as they protect it properly! At the same time PopulationDensity gets rid of the need for random wilderness teleports, while keeping new players in the same areas of the world. No more wandering for in-game days looking for other players! On top of these things, EssentialsX, VentureChat, Trade+, GraviTree, and some other lightweight plugins serve to make it all work together in multiplayer.

       There is no whitelist, nor are there any hoops to jump through to start off. Just join and play! The world border is 30k by 30k, and there are no plans to reset it in the near future. Play with friends, play alone, you have plenty of freedom here.

        Aside from the Minecraft server, we have an advanced-plan Enjin website and a discord server! Please join Beanscraft and help us build a great community around this game we all love!

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