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BlissCraft is a brand new custom Prison server with a ton of unique content!

New prison systems built from the ground up for this server to bring you the most enjoyable and balanced Prison server to date!

Some unique features:
A unique Token System
Get tokens randomly as you mine
Better blocks give you more tokens!
Enchantment upgrades to increase the number of tokens you can receive!
Use your tokens to enchant and repair your tools
A custom Enchanting System
Custom anvil with no XP level OR Enchantment level cap!
Combine Efficiency X and Efficiency X to create Efficiency 11!
Purchase more enchantments and upgrade your enchantments with tokens!
Again - there’s no level cap!
Multiple custom enchantments such as Token Magnet (Adds more tokens) to purchase!
Pickaxe leveling and Perk System
Level your pickaxe simply by mining
Each level will grant you perk points!
Perk points can be used to purchase custom perks including:
Token Buff (Doubles token drops)
Night Vision
Auto Smelt
Auto Repair (Slowly repairs your pickaxe)
And more to come!
You can also use extra perk points to repair your pickaxe
Perk points are locked to the pickaxe you got them on, so use them wisely!
Well balanced upgrade and rankup costs - start with nothing but a diamond pickaxe and end with an OP pickaxe that will rival any OP Prison server!
A well balanced prestige system to keep the mining going!
Sell all multipliers that stack with every rankup and prestige!

Other great features
Full plot world with 40x40 plots
Unique mines A-Z
Start with stone, end with diamonds and emeralds!
PVP mine and PVP zone
5 Unique crates - get keys from voting and leveling up!
A FREE survival world once you buy your freedom!

The server is still early in development, so expect very frequent changes and updates! Come join the development and help the server get even better!
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