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Land of Gaon

Hey everyone! Land of Gaon is the FactionsPvP server you've been waiting for. The Land of Gaon is an amazing place. We offer a vast RPG experience with different Dungeons and Bosses to find. A unique McMMo level system, and so many more feature being added every week by our small 2 man development team, we strive to bring you the experience you want listening to our communitys need, updating constantly and bringing someone fresh to the MC community.

Thanks for joining us in our Beta stage where we will roll out some of our custom items, tweaks a few features, and really trying to balance out the economy as the players go along. We feel pretty confident in the way things are setup now and feel safe nothing to eco breaking will occur. So we PROMISE to keep the current world & economy you players create so you can avoid having to start over on the official release :D.

- All features currently added in :D
- Website is open but currently being reworked
- Voting is on !!
- Website Graphic & Server Pictures currently being gathered, will post soon
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