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What is our Network about?

In the Nine Realms of Asgard Network, we try to bring out the mythology of the Norse Vikings and their way of life. With all our spawns replicating something from the Asgardian/Nordic era. So far, we are a small community, yet growing daily. If any issues arise with the network as far as a bug/glitch or something with one of the plugins we try to get it fix ASAP. We strive for a great community that wants a hand in “building” the next servers. In total we plan on having 9 playable realms (servers) including Valhalla. Currently we have 3 (including Asgard (Lobby)) Players will have a big hand in creating the remaining 7 Realms.

Network Information

As time goes on, we will be launching servers. We currently have 2 servers and have plans for the next few, however we plan on having you, as the community, “build” the next servers. Your ideas brought to life. There will be polls and spots where you can write in your ideas. The polls will be hosted on our discord and our website.

Current Network Servers
• Midgard – Civilization – War, Factories, Alliances, Raiding, Economy
• Vanaheim – SMP – Survival Multi-Player, No Economy
• Zombies – Call of Duty - Zombies
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