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. ----- Vivacity Survival - 1.13.2+ ----- . - Celebrating 6+ yrs
Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
We offer our guests only the finest in amenities:

- Open world survival
- Dungeons: Group together in your quest to exterminate varmint!
- Grief Prevention: Claim land and keep your buildings safe!
- Auctions: Let your inner capitalist rein supreme!
- Marriage: Have someone you fancy? Well now you can get marry and be conjoined forever!
- McMMO: Skills that can be upgraded to further your minecraft tollerence and add to your expertise pvp skills
- Friendly community: Always welcoming to all people!
- Lottery: Dont have money in real life? Well here's your chance to put your gambling habbits and skills to use!
- Custom crates: Find or buy keys to be the first to unlock rare and some secret items!
- Jobs: Get paid for doing tedious jobs (which you would do anyways) Like hunting mobs, getting wood, mining!
- Custom in game ranks: Get more and more perks as you fly through the ranks A to Z
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