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If you’ve played Pixelmon long enough there may have been a time where you wanted to make some sort of vanilla farm but couldn’t due to default Pixelmon settings, well say goodbye to that! Our settings have been carefully modified to ensure that everything you could do in vanilla Minecraft is possible in Pixelmon! We welcome Minecraft’s technical community, no longer will you be secluded due to Pixelmon’s default settings! With all this talk about Minecraft don’t think that we neglected Pixelmon. Here’s some of our Pixelmon features:
Pixelmon Reforged 7.0.6 (quick updates)
Crates (gotta have crates)
All 50 badges!
A jail to battle NPC trainers everyday!
PokeHunt (get rewarded for catching pokemon!)
Events (everyone loves a tournament)
Wonder Trade
GTS and auctions
Ev training warp
With Minecraft and Pixelmon covered, what does the server itself offer players? Here’s some features players are sure to enjoy:
A fresh new map! (get in early to become part of our tight knit community!)
Access to /back
Access to 5 /sethomes right away
A huge shop covering most of Minecraft’s and Pixelmon’s items
Player shops
Active staff that actually listens to player suggestions
Along with this perfect blend of minecraft and pixelmon comes a balanced economy to go with it! The economy was crafted with technical players in mind, this economy will reward you for working hard and having an understanding of the game. The carefully crafted economy also means the server won’t be pay to win instead it will be play to win! This is a great opportunity to join a brand new server and help shape the future of it! Don’t be shy come see if our claims are true for yourself, our friendly community and staff are always welcoming new players! We also have a discord don’t forget to join :D
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