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Surviva! Bending! Custom CLUB CRAFT® Creative! Island's! Enchants! CLUB CRAFT®
Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
Come check us out now! We'd Really love for you to join :)
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Welcome To Our Multiverse server ForumA server For you to make experiences! make friends! and have fun!
Now, to begin, here is the fantstic aspects our server has to offer: 
- Server Built all for you! want something on your server? just ask 
- Survival World (Grief Prevention[also knows as golden shovel plugin]) 
- Creative Plots 
- Staff and Rank positions 
- Marriage Plugin! Find your special someone! 
- Skyblock
- Acid island (water and rain are extremely harmful)- challenges and island level, and rewards system incorporated into both
- Economy system
- Server Market and Player Shops!
- skygrid (new)
- skyblock spawn/hub (new)
- acid island spawn/hub (new)
- Spawn pvp / arenas (new)
      - 100+ custom enchantments (new)
Join Now, We Have So Much for You to See!Discord:
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