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RealmportalMC is a small pg-13 community server network that was founded in September 2013.

Our gameplay consists of:

> Creative plotworld (Surge):
Everybody by default has access to
3 large plots (256 * 256 blocks).
Nearly full access to worldedit (including copy, paste, brushes etc), Voxelsniper, GoBrush and GoPaint.,
Armor stand and banner editors, Plot flags (time, weather etc).
Various utilities to make life easier including rotating blocks, night vision toggle, Noclip mode and more.
We provide these services to inspire your creativity, Build with minimal restrictions!

> Towny Survival (Crescent):
Towny is an economy based survival with some extra stuff such as McMMO, "waypoints" and trading cards.
Play with other players in a Town, or play solo. No greifing or stealing. (we have rollback / logging If you are targeted, just let staff know so we can assist you.)
We plan on updating the same map to future versions, just expanding the world border to allow for the new content.

> Slimefun Skyblock (Cloud):
Skyblock is based around slimefun with various addons such as ExoticGarden, and Electric Spawners. There are also shops and other utilities such as Minions (little helpers). As you level up your island, Various new ores will show up in your cobble generator. Complete challenges to obtain rewards, and push towards fully automating as much as you can with slimefun
together, or in teams.
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