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-----------[ OVERKILL FACTIONS ]----------- Welcome to Overkill.
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If you're looking for a server with simple 1.8 factions, custom plugins, spells, quests, an emphasis on PVP, a story mode, 1v1s, crates, parkour, and everything else you could think of when looking for a Factions PVP server, then I'm happy to inform you that Overkill should be your last search.

Overkill is a PVP factions server that is an homage to Overkill HCRaid (a very hardcore raiding server), was initially founded in 2016, and has since seen nothing but dramatic improvement in development. The server emphasizes raiding with ObsidianBreaker, PVP, 1v1s with a custom duels plugin, and a story mode with our custom Quests plugin!

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