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An LGBT+ inclusive but not exclusive server originally created on r/bisexual. This server is for anyone to join. We have 4 worlds to play on using multiverse: The original Bicraft world that the server started with. A Creative world where layers can build and experiment as they please. The new Survival world where most of us play. And an Arcade world with mini-games like Bedwars and Spleef with more to come. The server owners and mods are pretty strict about griefing and using racial slurs or hate speech but aside from that we are very friendly and pretty lax.

We have updated to 1.14.4
We are currently building a world to be used for McMMO, this new world will replace the old Bicraft world from the original server.We are also working on completing the Domination PVP game and are currently searching for a way to implement Hunger Games.

UPDATE: 9/8/2019-Description updated
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