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NautiCraft - Fun and friendly multiplayer! - 1.16.2 - Do you like the color ?? -
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NautiCraft is a server all about multiplayer survival. We offer a good 'old' survival experience for everyone willing to join! Start your own shop, make the most epic empire or just live by yourself and mind your own business, it's all possible! Griefing, raiding and being disrespectful is not allowed, after all we're on NautiCraft to have fun. You can protect your buildings and chests and add your trusted friends to keep everything safe! We are a moderated server, so if you ever experience any issues you can contact online (and offline!) staff who will do their best to solve your issues as soon as possible!

We offer both player ranks and donator ranks available to everyone. We aspire to grow a large friendly community and upgrade towards better hardware to offer an even better experience for everyone!

TL;DR: You're a fan of Minecraft survival and want to play multiplayer in a safe and friendly environment? Join NautiCraft!
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