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Welcome to FadedRealms!

We are a NEW custom Skyblock server that features fully customized plugins when it comes to having a good time. We have created this server to have a little bit of something for everybody to enjoy! Our Skyblock server is also 1.8 - 1.14 compatible as well!

Description of our server: You are able to play SkyBlock the way it was supposed to be played on our server, and build up your own kingdom into the sky while trying to stay as the higher monarchy among other players! Feeling risky with your money by gambling it off with other players? If so you may gamble your money with other members on our server by using our Coinflip plugin that's featured in our server! Want to earn rewards for simply just voting? If so our server features crate-keys that you can get by just voting! Feeling in the mood to fight others? If so you may challenge your rivals to a 1v1 battle in our PvP arena! Are you worried that you may lose your items simply because you accidentally fell into the void on your Skyblock island? Fear no more! Our server features a plugin that prevents you from losing your items that are in your inventory for when you accidentally fall into the void! Are you tired of just mining cobblestone each time from your cobblestone generator? Fear no more, on our server any cobblestone generators that you decide to build will just produce more than just cobblestone, in fact you'll have the ability in being able to mine random ores as well! Afraid of being scammed by other players on our server? If so, you may use our Trading plugin that's featured on our server to safely trade with other players on our server without the worries of being scammed!

Our Discord Server Invite Code Is: https://discord.gg/WCyBU34
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