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Welcome to Crimson Factory... PokeFactory reimagined! We offer the great experience of prison.. in the pixelmon world!

Routes have now become the places you mine as well as catch pokemon. Sell pokeballs and pokemon to gain Coins and work your way up over 50 ranks! With each generation there will be a set of Routes to mine in and gym leaders to fight. Crates provide a quick and easy wait to gain items to help you along your adventure.

There's secrets to unlock within the routes.. Sightings of fossils, once more brought back to life in Professor Jermerry's lab.. New routes discovered into ever elusive caves..

There's even a rumor going around. They say if you dig long enough in Route 1, you might find a new undiscovered fossil. Professor Jermerry isn't sure why, but the pokemon recovered from such a fossil are always a different color than normal.. !
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