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24/7 Homemade Vanilla. discord.gg/Mcz3S9f
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SqueejCraft.com is a performance focused vanilla network with multiple vanilla genres such as Semi-Vanilla, Pure Vanilla PvP and Vanilla Creative. All of our servers feature vanilla mechanics that are frequently rare in the multiplayer world of Minecraft, including chest cat detection, armor stand gravity, and vanilla mob tracking, activation, spawn and despawn ranges. There are also a few extra quality features, and each server comes with its own unique quality buff, such as extra view distance or increased mob tracking. We do not use plugins like Clearlagg and instead rely on hardware and small player caps to provide the best single player experience in an online network. All servers are Redstone friendly, and mob farms function the way they're supposed to.

There is no vote to win, pay to win, in-game economy or ranking system. Be prepared to survive the old fashioned way.

Discord: https://discord.gg/Mcz3S9f
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