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24/7 Homemade Vanilla. discord.gg/Mcz3S9f
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SqueejCraft is a performance based 1.14.4 semi-vanilla server without limits. We have dedicated a generous amount of resources so you can construct builds that would normally lag other servers, such as complex redstone contraptions and auto farms. You can mine Spawners with a silk touch pickaxe to build your own XP farms, or you can do it the old fashioned way. You name it, you can build it. We will never nerf your view distance or delete your entities, everything is well balanced and game difficulty is set to medium. You can also claim land with a golden shovel and there are many useful teleport commands. SqueejCraft will never reset and backups are frequent, the server was designed to be a comfortable mix between challenging and relaxing, without having to worry about your hard work disappearing.
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