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24/7 Homemade Vanilla. discord.gg/Mcz3S9f
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SqueejCraft is a performance based 1.15 semi-vanilla survival server with no build limits and no world border. Originally launched as a redstone friendly server (still is), we do not use plugins like Clearlagg and instead rely on hardware and software optimizations to give you the closest you'll ever get to a single player experience in an online server. We will never nerf your view distance, chunk load speeds or delete your entities.

You can claim land, set up to 4 home teleport points and other nifty basics like player teleports, random teleports and death coordinates. Other than that, things are pretty vanilla. We use custom plugins to limit rain frequency and catch X-ray violators, the server also sports a fancy anti-cheat that's been thoroughly tweaked for efficiency, as well as an auto-mute featuring an extensive banned-word list for semi-family friendly fun. Spawners are mineable, by the way.

This is Survival multiplayer set to hard difficulty, there is no in-game economy or ranking system. Be prepared to survive the old fashioned way.
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