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If youre looking for the best Survival RPG thats ever existed, then Relica is not the place for you! Yet...

While we have huge things planned for the future, Relica is just in its starting form right now. Its practically vanilla. Over time, more and more changes will be added to the server to make it a more enjoyable experience. The goal is to develop a Fantasy Survival server with RPG mechanics. If you want to be a part of this development, than join now! Being a part of the early stages of this server will allow YOU to have a say in what goes on in this crazy world well be creating. Whether you want to make up your story and lay siege to this world, help give ideas for new features, or just become a humble farmer and tend to your farms, there is something for you to do here! Updates will be made along the way, so youll be able to give feedback to all the things we create! Some of the features we intend to add including but are not limited to...:

- Dungeons
- Custom Mobs
- Custom Leveling  Combat System
- Custom Crafting  Professions
- Mob Taming

Added Features Are:
- Hang Gliders
- Custom Land Claiming

So, does this sound cool? Do you want to be a part of the creation of this world now? If so, head on over. Even if no one is not at the moment, well be sure to greet you when we are!
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