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Dunwater Colonial Fantasy RP - Welcome to the Dunwater Settlement!
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Dunwater; Far from your typical Roleplay server

In a colonial fantasy setting, players inhabit a long abandoned colony, founded initially by the Dunwater Trading Company. The possibilities in the revived colony are endless. Play as an exiled human merchant, missionary, or a spellcaster, a halfling, and more. The server is starting with a low amount of initial lore in order to pave the way for player generated stories.

Applications for whitelist will be required.

Some Features of the Server Include…..
  • Flintlock and Colonial Era Guns
  • A diverse set of races and backstories for your character to be from
  • An ongoing storyline with events to attend
  • Plenty of plugins for crafting and decorating
  • Custom Texture Overlay Pack
The server will be opening on Friday, November 1st, 2019. Please join us at our website, and in our discord to receive the latest updates, and apply for a whitelist so you can participate in our opening day events.
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