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Please keep in mind that to 2559 is the port. It just doesn't let me put a colon. Walrus network is a server trying to grow. There is quite a lot to do and a lot of effort was put into it. It is a survival server with custom bosses, dungeons to come and custom loot. However it's still has all the key survival aspects. There's events and mcmmo as well as an economy. There's stuff involved with tebex and also allows everybody to grind for what they want. A great part of the server is the work we put in so members have a long living experience. To get spawners it is a good grind. At walrus Network we try our best to benefit you. Please give us a chance and come check it out. It would be highly preferred if you could actually check it out. And not just leave because of our player base, a good way for you to find what you want is to invite friends. So please help us out! We also have a voting system not like other servers. We go by points, every vote you do you get a point. And with those points you can buy things off the vote shop! 
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