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Nest Minecraft is a premium Minecraft community currently owning a SkyBlock server.

Nest Minecraft was created in August of 2019,  with an aim to create a community where everyone can feel like a member of a family. Come and join Nest to enjoy active helpful staff, competitive events, beneficial awards, tournaments, and constant updates.

Here you will find everything you need to have a great time. Experience better gameplay together with a community. We are proud of our custom made Sky Block server where you can find the fallen treasure somewhere in the world. Mine custom mines and kill monsters. Hide between creepers with a disguise. Explore dungeons and fight bosses to get rewards and then gamble everything away in a lottery. Maybe if you don't lose it all, sell it in action. There is so much to experience!

Don't wait, the season just started!
Please note, other game modes will come very soon!

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We hope you will like Nest!
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