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A Minecraft Story always starts with a block.

MineCommunity is a small minecraft community started by a group of friends who are passionate about MineCraft.

We started in August 2019 and have not reset our world since then!

We’re the only oldest server in the Philippines who have not resetted with 200GB+ serverfiles. Your builds are safe and will always be here!

The server offers exciting and fun custom gameplay through a combination of 60+ plugins!

Create guilds, promote your friends, and explore the infinite world together!

Rank up through the in-game ranking system to have access to more perks!

Adventure through the world with our RPG Pet System! Equipped your pets with netherite armors!

Invent the most OP weapon or tool you can think of with our 150+ custom enchantments!

STRICTLY NO FORCED-PVP! Build in peace. Enjoy the game. We take care of the rest.

If you are looking for a server to play with your friends, come join our small community! ♥

IP: sc.mine-smp.me
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