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CivilCraft is a multiplayer SMP server created to test players conquering and leadership through establishing massive civilizations from the dust. If you are willing to take the challenge against dozens of rogue and menacing empires, then what are you waiting for? You may be the next Genghis Khan or the next Julius Ceasar. You may be a cruel, evil tyrant or benevolent dictator. You may institute a parliament or proclaim an absolute monarchy. You may be an imperialist warmonger or an isolationist pragmatist. The future of your civilization rests in your hands - and it is your choice to make your mark on the world in order to assert your dominance as a notorious leader.

CivilCraft functions on the same mechanics of ordinary vanilla Minecraft, but expands the game into the macrocosm of society. In order to survive, you must first establish a base and begin mining gold. The use of gold is innumerable you can pay workers to do jobs in your town, buy more plots to expand a settlement and trade resources abroad. With this gold, you can also begin establishing towns and later, nations using Towny.
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