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Welcome to the AcediaNetwork!


Come join us for our Factions release, and become part of our striving new and upcoming community of OP and classic Minecraft players alike! We try to cater to everyone's wants and demands, and trust us when we say, suggestions and comments will not go unattended to!

Come now to become a part of our new custom-enchant-filled, unique, and amazing Factions experience!

Current gamemodes

You'll be sure to enjoy many of our amazing features, which include:

- Cells
- Twice-Daily Kits
- Boosted furnaces in plots
- Custom Enchantments
- Trading
- FastCraft
- KillStats
- Money-On-Kill
- Mining Rewards
- Auctions
- Plots
- Clans
- And much more to come!

- Bounties
- Gambling with the bartender
- Auctions
- Crates
- Envoys
- Custom Enchants
- Custom Tags
- Upgradable furnaces, spawners end hoppers
- Auto farms with a farm tool
- Custom trench and tray tools, sell wands, harvester hoes and axes, etc
- Gen buckets
- Jobs
- Earn money for killing players and mobs
- Lottery
- MCMMO credits
- Custom pets
- Check playtime
- Player vaults for donors
- Mob stacking
- Cut trees by breaking the bottom block
- And much more

P.S. Schematica/printer is allowed
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