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Vanilla Survial - Hard Mode
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A vanilla minecraft survival experience with little staff interference. Chat is not moderated. Age 18+ suggested. There is no grief protection and no map resets are planned. This server was started as a social experiment on February 5th 2020 to see what happens to a server when left completely to the players. The only rules are those imposed on you by the game itself, however players can be banned in certain cases. For instance, interfering with the operation of the server, releasing other's personal information (dox'ing), please use common sense. We plan to update to major releases when stable, and stay up to date with anti-cheats. Modded clients and utility mods are fine, however certain mods may be blocked. Do not give out personal information to players you do not know. If you have any suggestions, problems or questions please leave them on the Discord. We have an official client modpack you can download on the Twitch App, search for cyclopean server client.
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