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---LimitPvP--- [1.8-1.15] < MiniGames + Auction House + McMMO >
Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
On LimitPvP Server, you must rise too the top and conquer... We have fun playing together in Survival PVP, with a bunch of other plugins! We have a Discord where we all hang out and talk daily!
Our server offers some amazing plugins to make your time playing even more memorable. McMMO will level up all your everyday abilities and give you perks along the way! Auction House lets you sell to other players! EnchantsPlus adds new and improved enchants ontop of the Vanilla MC ones, like Flight, and Night Vision!
The server is being worked on everyday to help improve everything we offer to our players! 24/7 Uptime with daily restarts too prevent lag. Our staff is strong and know a great deal about what they’re doing, and work tirelessly to provide quality content!
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