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TeamX Net | 1.8-1.15.x | Sales 60%!!!! > Insanely entertaining!
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!!!!!!ATENTION!!!!!!! IT´S NOT A PAY TO WIN SERVER!!!!!!!!!
TeamX Factions it´s a new server, with a lot of incredible features, design to be 100% percent focused on PVP.
We indeed have ranks that give items, but you can get the same items also from just playing!
We need to have a shop to cover the costs to maintain the server and grow up.

Help us to grow the community by joining today!
Very helpful for little streamers that are looking for engaging their public.

  • Automatic farms – Yeah! Forget about the hard work, you will be here to raid and fight!
  • Four 24/7 Outpost – Let´s see who will be able to conquer an Outpost, and then to try to keep it!
  • Customized rewards - Each Outpost has his unique buff and reward! Man… you have to see that!!
  • Referral system – you get rewarded by inviting your friends, also your friends get rewarded.
  • Envoys every 2 hours – Every time 20 crates, be careful there is PVP!!
  • Intelligent hoppers – Upgradable, they can do a lot of things!
  • Custom Enchants – With his Tinkerer and Blacksmith.
  • Custom Fishing System – Fishing it´s a good way to earn money in our server!
  • Hunt players system – You get rewarded by claiming bounties!
  • Upgradable Factions perks – You can buy power, increase faction chest….
  • Custom Fight System – Corpses that save items when dead, see killrecaps, and more…
  • TeamX Spawners – Upgradable spawners!
  • TeamX Bank – You can withdraw money and experience!
  • TeamX Auction – Sell and buy items!
  • TeamX Trade – Trade safe with others by right-clicking them.
  • TeamX Timber – Custom timber effects!!
  • Upgradable Ender chest and Private chest´s.
  • Chunkbuster, GenBuckets, McMMo, Jobs.
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