[1.8 - 1.17.1] MOOCRAFT [PVP] [SEMI-ANARCHY] [RAIDING] Minecraft Server

[1.8 - 1.17.1] MOOCRAFT [PVP] [SEMI-ANARCHY] [RAIDING] icon Online
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Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
IP: Moocraftpvp.com

• Semi-Vanilla Minecraft
• Raiding
• 3 Sethomes, TPA and Events
• 1.8 Combat
• Semi-Anarchy
• Economy
• Community
• Heads Plugin
• Temples

Server Description:

MOOCRAFT Centres Around PVP And Legit Survival. We Have A Simple Spawn That Allows People To Easily Get To The PVP Quickly. We Have A 200K Border, So You Can Travel As Far Out As You Want To Ensure Your Base is Safe From Being Raided. No Factions Either, So Raiding is Just Like Vanilla Minecraft Raiding. Our Combat Is Also Version 1.8.

• PVP is Allowed
• Griefing is Allowed
• Raiding is Allowed
• Optifine is Allowed
• All Hacked Clients And Mods Are Not Allowed. (Jail/Ban)
• Spamming Is Not Allowed (Kick/Mute/Jail/Ban)
• Overly Abusive Comments in Chat Are Not Allowed (Kick/Mute/Jail/Ban)
• Advertising is Not Allowed (Instant Ban)
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