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Ok. Here’s the deal. We’re old. We have jobs. We like booze. We’ve also set up a Minecraft server. Go figure right? /s

What’s so special about our server? Well, other than the aforementioned details, not much. Is this selling it for you? No?

Ok, here’s more: We’re a group of older gamers who have jobs, mortgages, kids and responsibilities. The hay days of playing games all day are gone, but we still like to hop on when we have the time. So under the moniker, PEP, which stands for “Permanently Exhausted Pigeons”, we’re looking for other like-minded gamers.

Our server is low-key, chill-the-fuck-out, “I’ll get back to building that some time next week”. The server is mostly Vanilla except for a few “well-that-shits-cool” plugins. We also have a discord server set up, as well as a website with more information. The server is 18+ at minimum - there will be cussing and booze involved. White-list required, but no applications necessary (just prod us on discord), ‘cause ain’t nobody got time for that shit. Nuff said.

Still want more? Alright!

Fresh world as of March 1st, 2020!

The server is based on PaperMC to support optimizations and useful plugins.

The worldborder is currently set to 10k x 10K with plans to expand. We've also included a plugin to support percentage based sleeping.

Plans to reset the Nether when 1.16 drops - the state of the Nether should be considered temporary as it will be reset when 1.16 drops for those sweet sweet new biomes.

Nightly reboots at midnight CST - 6AM UTC.

Datapacks, Plugins, and Crafting Tweaks:

We also run various datapacks for multiplayer sanity and fun. Including:

    Dragon Drops Elytra
    Player Heads
    More Mob Heads
    Double Shulker Shells
    EssentialsX for things like /msg, /seen, /afk - y'know the usual
    Harbor - for that percentage based sleeping

We've also included some logical and sensible crafting tweaks. Including:

    Universal Dyeing
    Flint to Gravel
    Wool to String
    Slabs & Stairs to Blocks
    Uncraftable Netherwart


We've kept it simple, checkout the website for full details.


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