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Torrent Network - Where escapism goes to die.

Discover the secrets of alien influence and become immersed in our smart features on Torrent Network. We offer 3 highly developed servers with ZERO LAG - Survival, Lifesteal, and Creative.

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Port for Bedrock: 19132


Survival - A unique and experimental experience. Our SMP strives to replicate the challenge of the vanilla gameplay loop with custom content to immerse you in our world. You can build and pilot ships with Movecraft. Embark on epic quests with dialogue and storylines with rewards such as custom modeled gear and money. Start a shop and become richer than Jeff Bezos. Without warps, homes, or tpa, we have immersive systems to travel like our integrated portal network, but you can use /spawn along with a portal back to your bed to get back and forth from our community districts, and your epic base. Oh, and baby zombies are twice as fast. Have fun.

Creative - Our PlotSquared creative server allows you to claim one plot with /plot claim; most use this server to plan epic builds or collaborate in creative mode. We have 3 worlds where you can buy plots from our webstore, but claim one for free in our default world.

Lifesteal - An extremely engaging and popular gamemode with a twist. This lifesteal server is also an MMORPG with custom adventure maps, original MMO skills, quests, and of course, the lifesteal gamemode. If you die you lose a heart, but if you kill a player you steal theirs. You can also craft hearts and revive beacons or earn them on adventures. JUST LAUNCHED JUNE 1st!

We often have key-alls, free ranks, and events!
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