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Second Terrain Anarchy

Version: 1.15.2

Second Terrain Anarchy - Semi Vanilla Survival with no Moderators - Hacks Allowed - No bans - No exploits patched. - There will be no map resets. The server is still very new so stick around and make history. Spawn still needs to be destroyed. Several large group community projects at spawn. ==Vote for Several aesthetic perks and more set homes.== ==Voting really helps grow the server==

World was started 3/15/2020 

Seed: 6291446173073750097 

Server features:

-Large community project (Like destroying spawn)
-Hacks Allowed
-Exploits Allowed
-No rules
-No Queue
-Random spawns around 0,0
-No Consequences
-No World Border (Other than MC default)
-No bans
-No pay to win perks
-No staff intervention 
-Voting Milestone with aesthetic perks + more /sethomes
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