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***SpiffyDippers*** Just simple survival.
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Welcome to SpiffyDippers!

This is a simple survival server. We also have BlockLocker. Which allows you to lock a chest and door and even your furnace! I have also added a grief protection plugin! This should enable the player to have a seamless experience. These simple features make for a more enjoyable survival experience. If you have any ideas on what to add, let me know! Thank you!

Technical Specification:
Zero block lag server, a great connection server is based on the East Coast of the United States. Intel Xeon processors (Packs 28 cores running at 2.5ghz) We now have our servers separated for our game servers, hub. This improves the overall performance of the game!

Plugin Explanation:

-Grief Prevention: This is enabled as soon as you join. All you need to do is set down a chest and it will enable your property to be protected from the ground to the sky. To expand it all you need to do is have a golden shovel and hit one corner to remap it.

-Random Teleport: since we are a simple survival server, this plugin is an essential part so you do not bump heads with players and you will have a great distance between multiple players!

Sound enticing? Join now and see what it's all about!

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