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Fun loving environment. Hub: The server is on hard difficulty with monsters disabled but hunger depletion turned on.

Mylona looks to have a fun, relaxing environment while still providing a tough gameplay style. Pixelmon storymode is available but don't expect gyms to be easy. You can chose between the NPC storyline order or the Player Gym leader storyline order. Player gyms provide a kit upon completing the gym against the player. The server is set at hard difficulty with mobs disabled. This means spawners, zombie villages, shulkers, and the enderdragon all spawn, but natural hostile mob spawns does not, adding a fun/difficult environment to play, and making some things easier to get (like shulker boxes!).

Story, Gyms, Server Boss Tower, Battle Tower, and Ev Training. Market and Safari, coming soon!

There are currently no helper slots open but please apply as our higher positions will start to fill soon, opening up helper positions. We are also hiring a second tourney assistant and 3 more gym leaders.
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