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M4N Network | MobArena / Survival [Custom Ranks], [Strong Economy] & [Shops].
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== First and foremost welcome to M4N! ==

Who are we?

Minecraft 4 Nerds is a network that accommodates a community of different play styles, whether you think you got what it takes to survive the wilderness or test your crafting skills in creative mode with our relaxed permissions allowing for minimal restrictions to fully unleash crafters of all age’s imagination in the world of Minecraft.

Server Mechanics overview:

- With custom ranks purchased with in-game money earned simply by playing the game will enhance the player’s gameplay with better perks (like cosmetics for your player, better daily rewards & much more).
- We have the heads database installed which gives you access to 20k+ custom entities used for decorating your builds.
- Custom enchants which add new funky ways to kill creepers & dig big holes.
- Enhanced fishing that allows you to catch a vast array of different fish while competing against others in tournaments to win rewards or in casual mode to sell for cash towards your next rank up!
- We try to keep the majority of the interactions with the server inside of fancy GUI's or command signs because who likes commands.
- The server does have a general shop setup to assist players but we also offer the same shop functionality out to all players to create their own.
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