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Welcome to the only server you’ll ever need– MCAssassins!
What do you like most about Minecraft?  Join us – it’s about to get better!
Factions? Raiding and griefing are allowed here, so buckle up your armour,dig deep (or build high!) and choose your tactics.  Choose whether to claim your starter kit and/warp out away from spawn, or go hardcore and just start walking…
PVP? Our Skywars arena has 22 maps to play in – can you master them all?
Survival? Like living off the land, relying on your own wits and skill,  but prefer to get on with yourneighbour?  Claim your land, and there’sno griefing or PVP in our dedicated Survival area.
How about Acid Island?  Hone yoursurvival skills to the max.  Just don’tgo swimming without taking some precautions…
Youlike Creative? Claim your land, protect your builds. Forgot to protect? Any griefing here results in a lifetime server ban –and we’ll just roll it back anyways! Your builds (and your time) are as important to us as they are toyou…we’ll make sure your awesomeness is looked after.
Behind all this, are some seriousplugins.  C-Lag keeps the server cleanand lag free, MCmmo will let you chop down entire trees, or drop mobs with a
single arrow and slimefun – well, there’s nothing like a jetpack to fly your
Damascus Steel Armour from a to b…
You can vote for the server and earnin-game cash, diamonds, crate-keys (maybe even your first promotion through the
ranks (but that’s a secret!)
The staff here are extremely pleasant, andthe whole player community will help out where they can.  We are noob friendly and quite happy tosupport you through the early days. There are rules, for the benefit of all – no racism, no sexism… theusual “be nice to each other” stuff.  Ifyou really need it spelled out, the rules are available in full in game and on
our Forum.  We just ask that people are mature(and that’s not defined by age) but still kick back and have fun!  We’ve been going for over five years already– what can you build in the next five?
Hey - you know what’s more interesting thanstill reading this?
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