DifferentCraft - Minecraft Towny Survival Server

DifferentCraft - Minecraft Towny Survival Server

Server address: Mc.DifferentCraft.net



DifferentCraft is a Minecraft Towny Survival server that is hosted in the uk, The survival server runs a variety of plugins like Jobs, SilkSpawners, DiabloDrops, Iron Elevators, MyPets, Slimefun, Exotic Garden, McMMO, Jetpacks, MiningMachine, Crates, AutoCrafter, Stables, Marriage, Sorting hoppers, LWC, QuickShop, Brewery, Auctions, RandomTP, MobArena and many mored much more. 

Why choose our Survival server? Our Minecraft Survival server has unique features such as Backpacks, Portal Guns, DiabloDrops any many more. We also Have a great dedicated staff team that are willing to help you with any questions you may have about the server. We also like to do amazing events around holidays. 

We hope to see you soon at differentcraft :)

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DifferentCraft - Minecraft Towny Survival Server