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The Overgrowth (Creative & Survival) 1.16.4

Features of the Creative Server:
- Free WorldEdit, right from the start!
- Huge plots, the only limitation is your imagination.
- Roleplaying Maps. If you like to roleplay, this is the right server for you! We have many Roleplay maps already built, and more are being built by the Build Team!
- Minigames. Bored of building all the time? Play some minigames with your friends!

Features of the Survival Server:
- Land Claiming. Claim land and don't worry about getting griefed!
- Dynmap. Find the perfect spot to start building, or see what others are up to!
- Silk touch Spawners. You can create mob farms this way.
- McMMO. Makes grinding worth it!
- Economy and Auction House. In-game shops and player auctions.
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