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Greetings fellow Minecrafters! Welcome to BossSMP. We are a survival PvE multiplayer server that has something for everyone. On our main map, you can join towns, build whatever your heart desires, or venture out into the great unknown. Speaking of venturing, we offer a Gather map where you can collect materials. If you want to make some cash you can go Mob Hunting in the Badlands, or get a Job, but beware PVP is on in the Badlands! Also, to protect your land, we have the GriefPrevention plugin so no one steals those diamonds you worked hard to obtain. Lastly, we have mcMMO to enhance your survival experience.

If you are looking for a server with a great community of gamers and helpful staff to keep the trolls at bay, just type into your multiplayer list, log in and check us out!

Interested in more details? Visit our website at Hope to see you soon! :)
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