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Serenity-Realms is a community known for a great staff team and a user-based experience. With over 3 years of experience in hosting Minecraft Servers, we are able to bring you the best of the best with our expertise and advanced knowledge!
  •     Friendly & Non-Judgmental Community
  •     CS:GO Fashioned Crates
  •     Friendly Survival
  •     Land management Plugin w/ Claims & Powerful Anti-Grief Measures
  •     Auction House w/ Web Panel (Premium)
  •     Safe Trading
  •     Economy with ShopGUI+ (Buy & Sell Items)
  •     Jobs Reborn
  •     McMMO
  •     Custom Item Cleaner
  •     PVP Toggle
  •     Native 1.15.2 Support
  •     User Friendly (Easy to use interfaces and commands)
  •     Secure Back-end & Front-end
  •     Cursing Allowed
  •     Lag Free & Optimized Server
  •     Free Auto-sell Chests for Effortless Mob Farming
  •     Huge world (50K x 50K)
  •     Fully Functioning and Accessible Nether & End Worlds
  •     Individual Chest & Container Locking for Enhanced Security
  •     Vote Rewards
  •     40+ Invigorating Quests
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