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Only for the brave
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TRUTH: A Life Ruining Minecraft Hardcore experience
-Fear The Night: Mobs are most dangerous than ever, With Elite Mobs, Infernal Mobs and other Plugins will make mobs harder to fight than ever, Will you survive the night?
-The Mechanics have changed: Even veterans of the game are not safe, as many mechanics have changed, Remember how you felt originally playing Minecraft without any knowledge? You will need to relearn many things from the start
-Extended Survival: Slimefun with a ton of addons, A Plugin that adds new kind of minerals to the underground, a guild system to improve and get stronger mobs around you, Get more max health, Minecraft now has a lot more progression.
-An Outpost System: /tpa? Nope! You will need to use Outposts to move around the world and teleport to your friends, Better make your base close to one!
-Constant Updates: The server is constantly updating to have newer and better features, And The Owner hates the playerbase and always is hearing every piece of feedback so he can make our world even harder than it already is
IP: Truth.mcserver.us
Website: https://truthrp.enjin.com/
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