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LEMON³ - Custom Towny Survival [1.16.3] An Ever-Evolving Survival Experience
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lemoncube is a united states based server ran by a single owner, Isaiah. he runs the server as a hobby while he makes his journey through college! currently a sophomore at a state university in new york, Isaiah dedicates his freetime to ensuring the server is running smoothly and its player-base is content with an ample amount of features. he continually updates the server, keeping gameplay new and fresh.

lemoncube was created to host player experiences, allowing friends a place where they'll be able to play and enjoy meinecraft without the worry of grief or poor server management, as well as new features and gameplay styles! the server encourages cooperative gameplay for you and your friends, or the ones you'll meet!

lemoncube wants to create a space where you and your friends can feel safe as they are, and be encouraged to interact with other players to form a tight-knit community, we don't tolerate anything rude or disrespectful from one player to another, so you can be apart of the community without feeling like you'll be out of place.

give us a shot!
ip: play.lemoncube.net
discord: discord.lemoncube.net

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