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RoyalMC [1.8-1.16] » KitPvP Update!
Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
RoyalMC is a multi game mode server that has 6 exciting games for you to enjoy!
We support 1.8-1.16 to ensure everyone can have fun!
We have game modes ranging from Factions, Skyblock Creative, to Mining, Practice, and KitPvP.
The game modes are balanced, making sure that skill isn't the only factor to win.
Each game mode is always getting updates consistently trying to make it more enjoyable.
The staff are friendly and try to ensure the best playing experience on RoyalMC by banning rule breakers and fixing bugs.
RoyalMC also has some ranks to enhance your experience overall without it being unfair for the casual player!
If you are interested about buying a rank, or want more information about what each rank will add to your experience, you can find more information at!.
If you would like to discuss the server, you can join our discord or forums!
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