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Hello trainer, and welcome to the Andor Region! Our world is full of Pokemon simply waiting to be caught, and could use a Pokemon Master like you. Our staff and team have put in a large amount of time creating an enjoyable experience for players across multiple playstyles. Catch Pokemon, become a breeder, or develop your town with other people to receive rewards! The choices are all yours.

Currently this server features a unique survival map with custom terrain unlike anything seen in default Minecraft. Say goodbye to the default 6 block high trees and welcome in a brand new world of actual forests! In this survival map, you can choose whether to play by yourself or to work with others. You even get rewards for developing your own town, which can be found by typing /info on the server! A full adventure map with 8 gyms, side-quests, and an Elite 4 is in the works with no official release date, but stay tuned on Discord for updates.

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Discord: www.playandor.com/discord
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